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Welcome + Start here

Thanks for stopping by. Here's a quick overview of what you can find while you're here.

What you can expect

This site is a library of go-to-market playbooks, ideas and examples that you can learn from, disagree with or use in your go-to-market journey.

The content is based on my own (15 years of) experience, and lots of other good stuff I've read and learned from others in the industry.

You'll see that the content falls into a few categories:

  • Go to market playbooks - Tactical, step-by-step playbooks that show you how a specific problem was solved or a specific goal was achieved. You can "steal" these as-is, or get inspired to apply something similar in your own context.
  • Insights + ideas - These are smaller nuggets. They may be tactical insights, or more theoretical takes on relevant topics in product, marketing, career development and just being a human
  • Tools - Everyone loves a suggestion for a great tool that they've never used before. Hopefully, you'll find a few here.
  • Podcast - This is coming soon. And it's not "just another marketing podcast". I sit down with some of the best product and marketing people on the planet to steal their best playbooks and learn exactly how they solved a specific problem or achieved a specific result. Each episode will be a micro masterclass in a particular challenge in the go-to-market journey.

Why I'm doing this

I am building the thing I wish I had found a year ago.

I had just joined Livecycle to lead their go-to-market efforts, and even as an experienced product + marketing lead, I found myself constantly collecting ideas, insights, references, and suggestions from all over the place.

And I noticed that I wasn't the only one doing this. This was also the type of conversation happening in every PMM Slack channel, Discord Server, and WhatsApp group I was a part of.

Everyone was looking for ideas on how to solve a specific problem or achieve a specific result. But there was no good way to get them (other than to ask a specific question in a specific forum and hope for the best).

So I decided to build one myself.

When will it be live?

I'll be rolling out content in Q1 2023.

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